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Places crafted by Nature and Man, Food made with Love, Music composed with Inspiration, are simple pleasures of life worth our full attention. Matters so simple yet so crucial deserve to be shared, starting with a few lines exchanged among friends, or laid down on a virtual space, for the record and strangers to appreciate. Appreciation is in essence a matter of tastes. Our ephemeral journeys through life are blessed with the gifts of experiments for us to learn to appreciate, a never-ending sequence of tests induced in equal measures by fortuity and self.
This is the driving force behind this blog, and I am humbly trying to share my love and be a vector of transmission.  



I started this blog in 2007 as a personal blog with no clear objectives but a mix of the following: relate experiences and thoughts about living abroad, posts some texts and poems, share good music, and experiment with writing and creation in the online space.

Originally named “Vecteur De Lutece” (i.e.: Vector from Lutetia), I re-branded the blog as Tests&Tastes in 2014 to better reflect the blog’s objectives. I am an amateur writer, and a non-native English writer at that, so please pardon the typos, poor grammar and vocabulary.
Diclaimer: All the views expressed on this website are personal and do not reflect the view of the organisation I am working for, or have worked for.

About Me

I grew up in the lovely Vosges region of North-East France, surrounded by rolling hills and crisp fresh air. 

After studying at ESCE Business School (Paris, FR), at Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague, NL), Drexel Univesity (Philadelphia, USA) and Ecole Centrale de Paris (Paris, FR), my professional experience led me to various countries and varied industries including fashion, fiber optics, mobile/NFC application, financial & payment software. 

Today, I am happily teaching scuba diving in Thailand. 

Outside of business hours, I get busy with experiments of all kind, designing business concepts, digging new music and recipes, and of course, writing on Tests&Tastes. 

Representing “Creators” at a Pitchmark debate, old parliament house, Singapore
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