December 18 Bulletin

This is a round up of interesting and some of my ‘discoveries’ of the month, interesting contents, tools and techniques that I have been discovering this month. Hopefully, you find something worthy of your time in there.

App that I just discovered:

In my current line of work (scuba diving), it can be quite important to know what’s going on around you, weather-wise… Windy delivers on all relevant indicators in an absolutely gorgeous, easy-to-use app. The best part is, the browser version is just as amazing.

Series/Films that blew my mind:

I had never heard of this story and this cult, until Netflix put it under my eyes: the Rajneeshees have been worshipping the controversial “Bhagwan” guru for decades now.

Yup, this guy who looks like an older beardy version of Snoop Dogg is the Bhagwan

The series Wild Wild Country retraces the history of this sect, whilst intelligently questioning the reader on the blurry borders between preventing the growth of a cult, and freedom of expression. Since even bad publicity is good publicity (one thing that fuelled this cult’s growth in the early 80s): is Netflix promoting this cult? Am I an accomplice too??

Musical obsession of the moment:

Parquet Courts – Wide Awake

Really awesome rock’n’roll for today.

Book I’m reading:

Let my people go surfing – Yvon Chouinard

The story of the creation of the Patagonia company of outdoor goods by colourful canadian badass Yvon Chouinard and his attempt at business unusual. A very inspiring read, and I wish to be as nimble, agile and innovative as him with my businesses.

Bad technology

Saw this ad on Instagram for a camera that you wear around your neck and uses AI to do… fuck knows what. One more step for humans in their idiotic servile attitude to tech?

Good technology

What if you could discover the ocean on a beautiful boat without consuming a single drop of fuel?

That’s the moonshot of belgian naval architect Julien Melot from Azura Marine with his Aquanima project, a catamaran entirely powered by solar power.

After a successful first attempt with a smaller version named Surya Namaskar, which navigated throughout the Sunda islands last year, the new, larger Aquanima promises to offer the first really sustainable sea outings! Best of luck Azura Marine!

On this hopeful, wishful project, we would like to wish you a very happy new year 2019 from the Similan Islands! Peace, health, love, joy, success and a lot of laughter!

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