Nov 18 bulletin

This is a round up of some of my activity this month, interesting contents/media/news/art pieces, as well as tools and techniques. Hopefully, you find something worthy of your time in there!

I finally created my FB page as a Dive Professional: you can see it and like it here, if you want to see what I’m up to here in Khao Lak!

Dive with Thibaut, PADI Instructor #413008

App that I just discovered: Oblique Strategies.

Whoever has tried creating original content has experienced the unpleasant feeling of being stuck, empty of original ideas, and very frustrated by it. Legendary composer, arranger, producer and all-around musical genius Brian Eno knows this too and came up with this hyper simple and awesome creativity booster that gives you one liner tips / challenges to re-think, re-experiment, twist your content with fresh insights for “lateral thinking”.

Some strategies: “Only a part, not the whole”, “Reverse”, “Repetition is a form of change”,…

Initially published as a deck of card, it also comes now as a free app, that hopefully will lead you to new creative directions. Really worth a try for all creatives out here.

Series/Films worth watching

Obviously, Narcos: Mexico was on the menu has soon as I knew it was out. Same receipe of storytelling, same gripping and addictive effect.

However, Band of Brothers made an even bigger impression on me. The realistic storyline, anchored by testimonies of actual WW2 heroes and veterans is absolutely fascinating. Also reminded me loads about the stories of my grandfather, a legend in his own right.

Finally, the great actor performances of Tom Hulce and Fahrid Murray Abraham in the not-so-new Amadeus, about the great musical genius of Mozart also gave me some chills. 

Musical obsession: the diving lifestyle involves many hours of speedboat commuting and dreamy naps that are very conducive to music listening. Not to mention that ear covering headphones offer valuable wind protection for wet, abused, and sensitive ears. Maribou State – Portraits has been an absolute delight to play for myself and other with its classy, downbeat, elegant electro that submerged you in a dream-like feeling.

Whilst I’m writing this, I realise Maribou State released a new album early September! I hope this to be my next month ear candy!

Books I’m reading: I started “Roadkill Diary” from the owner of my favourite American/Mexican restaurant in Khao Lak… Basically a compilation of short episodes about his high octane upbringing in LA.

Very entertaining and jaw dropping at times, the simple format also inspires me to write more, about some key moments of my life. Thank you Mo’.


If you thought your fancy smartphone or camera had a high pixel count, think again:  how about a 24.9 BILLION pixel picture? 

Powered by quantum computing that allows you to basically take in a whole city and zoom in to see the face of all its habitants. As impressive as it is scary.

Big up to the french startup, who is starting to compile data about the best companies to buy from, if you want to avoid programmed obsolescence.

Visualisation: What if we were putting nature first? Here is a map of the world, ocean-centered.

Carte du monde ocean au centre

Have a great Christmas and end of 2018 ahead!

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