Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan

I was born in 1983. Which means 2013 turns out to be the 30th birthday of many of my friends back in France and I. It was the occasion for an unusual trip. A memorable one.


The land of the smiles is a famed territory of centuries old cultural affirmation, golden temples, glorious beaches and amazing food. It seemed to convey all the characteristics for a fantastic group trip and it held its promises.

We started with the discovery of the capital Bangkok after 2 extreme nights out with my oldest mate on earth. I won’t go into much details explaining what mess you can get into on Khao San Road, but everything can happen.




The rest of the crew joined us after a very agitated night… We then kick started the holidays with a few days to go through the beautiful classics of Bangkok.







Then, we took a bus towards the north and Sukhothai, the old capital of the Siamese kingdom.
It was a formidable experience to discover the beautiful temples by bike.



The next stop on the backpackers route up north Thailand is the cultural epicenter of Chiang Mai









And from there, flying south to Koh Tao for some beach rest and party…


And from there, Koh Phangan, where we skipped the Full Moon Party alltogether to enjoy a few days of relaxation at The Sanctuary




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