52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 20 – Watching Reggae Legend Bob Marley live,… without Bob Marley

After watching the biggest DJ in the world live the previous week, it was tough to go harder, so why not go all the way smoother. And, well, basically catch any band from the limited options available in Singapore.

There came the Jamaicans! The Wailers, the supporting band from legendary Bob Marley, are still touring! It was kind of amazing to read they would be playing at Tanjong Beach Club, the otherwise m’as-tu-vu beachfront restaurant / bar located in Sentosa…

The Wailers

Sounded like the perfect plan for a Sunday, and trust me, it was!
After a couple of home drinks we headed to TBC about halfway through the supporting acts. Ordered another bottle of vodka, and started to feel the vibe…Irie!

The rest of the afternoon felt really good – thanks to the Wailers – who really know their reggae…
They kept playing, perfectly and with a real intensity, the hits that made Bob a superstar. Everyone knew the songs of course and many people were singing. It really felt great to be dancing at a slower pace, and to something other than “EDM”…

Thank you the Wailers, come back anytime!

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