52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 19 – Dancing to the #1 DJ in the world, in Avatar Land

I hate the term “EDM”, which stands for Electronic Dance Music.

It’s a pretty damn stupid re-branding for Dance Music. As far as I can remember (I am born in the 80s), all dance music has been electronic for 30 years. Anyway, that’s beside the point…

I had never seen a super famous DJ live when Hardwell decided to visit in Singapore. My weekend mayhem partner Lani bought the tickets, and so we went to Gardens By the Bay, the huge garden that Singapore build to entertain its international guests staying at the nearby world famous Marina Bay Sands, as well as its local population. This garden, and in particular, its “SuperTrees” take surreal colors at night, which made for an awesome after party walk after the concert.


At the concert, young, hot, rich kids were dancing the (early) night (yeah, most outdoor concerts and festivals finish shortly after midnight in conservative Singapore). We danced like crazies too.

Impressive stage, stunning light work, fireworks, huge ass sound, equatorial weather: all was in place to allow me to soak my t-shirt move after move, until hearing a beat and an additional “put your hands up in the air” was too much to bear.

Thanks Hardwell though, it was good to dance it all away.

For the comprehensive list of my weekly tests so far this year, click here

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