52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 16 – Sending a Message in a Bottle (2.0)

I have always loved the poetry of leaving a message out there for the world to grab, some sort of statement, or no statement at all, just randomly send random crap to some random people.

Yup, that’s about as much explanation as I can give for now on why I love the concept of a Message In A Bottle.

Your archetypal message in a bottle

Of course, at the time it was invented (maybe by survivors who wished to be rescued?), sending a bottle to the sea was probably some kind of romantic act, and I like that idea. I like the fact that waves and currents would end up linking two people in a maybe-not-so-random way by carrying a piece of glass and a few words.

Now this is all pretty cool and I thought that it is something that I never did before, and it is stupid enough to be attempted carelessly for the sake of a blogger’s experiments.

I prepared my message in a bottle, with a few twists, as I want it to be more like a surprise packet full of little quirks and micro presents worth pondering on.


  • a transparent Plastic bottle.


  • a Coffee&Art&Design sticker
  • 2 salted butter caramels from Brittany, France (with the packet label for reference)
  • a Durex FeatherLite condom
  • a 1 Singapore dollar coin
  • a 1 British pound coin
  • a 1 Euro coin
  • a Polaroid from my 30th birthday, on which I wear a mustache, and hold a cat woman
  • a Lucky Strike light cigarette
  • a Marina Bay Sands promotional matchstick box for immediate enjoyment of the above.
  • a USB stick containing my favorite albums
  • a pair of fully functional (yet very crappy) Panasonic headphones
  • a business card for contacting me and ask WHY ON EARTH I would pack so much randomness in a small plastic bottle.
  • a handwritten note, giving the start of an explanation and a personal touch.
Disclaimer: the above contents do not necessarily my thoughts or that of my company, and any resemblance with an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
These things just happen to be small and in the way the day I assembled this.

I was getting excited of throwing this bottle in the sea for a random Indonesian, Malay, Thai, or Philipino on its local beach on a lazy leisurely walk.
I shared the project with my friend, who replied, in a pragmatic tone “Well, it is littering”

Shockingly enough, for a guy whom supposedly care about the planet, i had not realised the potential negative impact of my endeavour.

Indeed, our seas do not need another bottle to surf on their surface and land on a beach on which it will never be found.

Not sure I want to directly add up to that.
Damn it, I have to re-think about a sustainable way of living for this Message in a Bottle…
I think I found, but can’t yet post about it. Stay tuned.
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