Indonesia (Sumatra) – Pulau Cubadak

I wanted to go back to Sumatra, after I had a glimpse at the Minangkabau country, but this time to discover the beauty of its coast. After a bit of research,  I found about Cubadak Paradiso online. Pulau (island in Indonesian) Cubadak, is located off the western coast of Sumatra near the large, mostly uninteresting, crowded and polluted city of Padang.
Cubadak is a small island that only hosts one resort with a dozen of rustic yet high quality bungalows, adequately spaced from one another for privacy. The village has a whole stretch of white sand beach overlooking the deep blue sea, that is to be shared only with tiny little crabs.
If that does not sound obvious by now, yes, I fell in love with the place.


One particularity of this village is the greatness of the food you will get to taste. For some impossible reason, I do not have pictures of the elaborate yet unpretentious fusion food that was served, that draws from indonesian, padang, chinese mandarin and italian cuisines, using of course, fresh, locally sourced ingredients. I remember having a crush for a starter of bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of raisins, anchovies, peanuts and breadcrumbs.



Cubadak offers good diving opportunities and the owner Marc took us on awesome underwater visits. Many thanks to Marc and Dominique by the way, for running this hospitable gem of a place, proving a personal and amicable service to their guests.


There would be a lot more things to say about this place but I can only invite you to go and check it out for your self. For now, I will let the pictures speak.



Here is a little video of our trip
Indonesia is such a fantastic country, blessed with wonderful environment and I have always found the Indonesian people to be very generous… Here is a link to the other Indonesian destination I visited.

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