52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 9 – Singing lesson

Back to Singapore, after a hectic CNY holiday and back to the Tests.

Also, back in high school, where I should have turned into a rock star, if I ‘only” had had the curiosity of taking a singing class. At the time I was singing/screaming in an alternative indie metal rock band Mushroom Gear (don’t try to find it, there is nothing online, I make it a point), but in retrospect I am pretty sure the whole point was to drink and smoke a lot, and make some noise, not a career…

It’s never too late to learn how to sing. Maybe. I love music, i love singing, or rather “imitating singers”, because I clearly don’t have the technique…

I booked a private one-to-one trial class at The Vocal Studio, where the absolutely charming teacher Jazmin tried her best not to tell me that I’m actually singing like a saucepan (French expression, I’m keen to know what’s the English version?).

Since I booked last minute, I received on Saturday a confirmation that also instructed me to come with the song I wanted to learn singing… I quickly browsed through my mp3s, and settled on the two following…

Well, I was more at ease on the second song, but I still really struggled.
It was a pleasant experience, because the teacher was so cool, but I’m not too sure I will carry on just yet. I have some brochure on singing to study first, and to practice my respiration technique first anyway…

Oh, I have decided to pursue my training in leather craft, after my first test in week 7 which I absolutely loved, and I made this lady’s hand pouch this week (did not lose that one yet)

Speak to you soon for week 10…

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