52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 5 – Dragonboating with the Germans

I was going to fall a bit short of inspiration for what to try for this 5th week of the year, but luckily Zohria came up with the idea of going dragon boating on the Kallang river with the German Dragons

The introduction to the activity started with a solid warm-up: stretches, 100 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups with 5 seconds plank in between series of 10, and some stretches…

Ze German dragons

The whole group was then split between first timers, a-few-timers, and the more experienced members.
Our coach for this first session was a tiny Singaporean girl, that did her best to instill a good spirit in the group of newbies that we were, giving some background about buildings by the river and cracking a few jokes, sometimes not on even on purpose (calling 2 girls named Jill sitting on the same row “the Jews” and then asking the “pure Germans” to give their best effort – weirdly funny on a German boat…). She did an excellent job though in bringing everyone together and have us give our best paddling, especially by coordinating our group counting: “1,up! 2, up! 3, up!…”

After a few back and forth on the river between the National Stadium and the Marina Bay Area, we headed back to the boat garage, for some out stretching, speeches of the club’s managers, and then were offered some Paulaner beer to chill by the river!

Singapore daytime pictures often look gloomy, yet, sun was pounding, I can tell you that!

All together, it was a nice way to be out and do some activity in the sun, over water!
I might even go again this Saturday 🙂

Other Test of the week: Haribo Super Piratos

I am quite big on sweets, and I know Haribo fairly well, yet I had never heard of Super Piratos.
Oh, wait, maybe because it is a bit of danish thing. My friend Nina brought this from her country for me to sample. So, I had one this morning. I almost fell to the ground. Not because it’s good.
It is super salty! It is licorice, and it’s bloody salty, almost sparkling salty! Ahhhhh, oh can salty sweets even exist?
Well, that really blew my mind, so I guess it was worth experimenting. I might try another one tonight again.

See my next experiment: #52W52T, Week 6: Hypnotherapy (part 1)

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