52 Weeks 52 Trials – Week 3 – Power Napping in the Business District

I am a huge fan of power naps.
Not everyone is. Or rather, not everyone dares to claim their love. And therefore, the mentality have not evolved as fast as the scientific evidence backing up its goodness for attention, thought clarity, information retention and overall well being.
In Mediterranean countries, “la siesta” is an institution, and stores are usually closed in the early afternoon to give everyone a break.
A good ol’ siesta (copyright amymluke.blogspot.com)
Unfortunately, this practice has not yet been trending all over the world, and too often, a nap room or sleeping pod (such as Podtime‘s), remains the kind of perks only the coolest and most enlightened start-ups offer.
A Podtime sleeping pod
Unless your accommodation is close enough to your office, you have no other choice than being ultra creative in finding your sleeping hideout:
– car (best solution, but in Singapore, it would require to turn on the engine, so that you can put the air-condition on – not a very eco-friendly practice)
– toilets (gross)
– meeting room (risky)
– desk (uncomfortable and unfavorable to your reputation).
– desk + Ostrich pillow (more comfortable, but still not good on a reputation level).
Luckily, I was handed out a flyer by a girl in a robe the other day…
And today, I felt a bit sleep deprived, so it was the occasion to do something new!
I struggled a little bit to find the small door to enter the building at 110 Robinson Road (very different to the grand, luxurious, office lobbies in that street), and took the lift up to the 12th floor to get to the massage salon.
The atmosphere was quaint and I was showed to a room, where a robe (a different one, hopefully) had been put on the massage table for me to wear. The bed was comfy enough but I rapidly realized that the soft music played in background was going to hamper my chances to knock off. I went to ask for ear plugs, but since they had none, the lady at the counter kindly proposed to simply turn off the music.
Ready to doze off
The whole place was then very quiet, with only the soft, soothing sound of water flowing down a fountain nearby.
In the end I manage to doze for a few minutes, after my mind had stopped rambling…
I believe it always take some time to find sleep in a new environment, so maybe I’ll have another to give it another try. A fun experiment but at 18$ for 30 minutes, you better be very tired or make a lot of $$$ to afford it on a regular basis!
See my next trial for Week #4, or choose from the list of my #52Weeks52Trials challenge 

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