52 Weeks 52 Tests – Week 2 – Prosperity Iced Tea


A “tea” with cane sugar, water, dried longan, goji berries and honey (I think)

In the Chinese culture, wishes of prosperity abound when approaching Chinese New Year. And companies have long integrated some degree of customisation of their offering when approaching this key date in the Asian calendar (in 2015, February 19th and 20th).

So appeared the Prosperity Tea at Old Tea Hut, an incredibly successful little stall on Robinson Road. Immense queues line up everyday to get a caffeine fix (I must say that with most varieties of coffees and teas selling between S$1 and S$2 in Singapore’s CBD, the value for money is pretty obvious for local white collars).

The dark red colour of the drink (lucky colour as well) is studded with strikingly red Goji berries, dried longans and else. It was very sweet, with a plum sort of fragrance, and I’m not sure there was any tea in it. My favorite part was the Gojis.

Note to self: buy Gojis in bulk to include into food preparation, it’s probably a highly versatile ingredient, and packed with anti-oxydants, it seems.

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