3 Things You Wish Store Owners & their Staff Would Know

Tailing behind a customer anywhere they go in the store is creepy.

Is there too much theft in your store?

Maybe you are should reconsider selling luxury items in the ghetto.

Maybe you should put those pricey items behind the counter like sensible stores do.

Maybe you should consider anti-theft devices.

But hiring store spies that are mandated to watch each customer whilst pretending to arrange the facing of the shelves is annoying for customer, if not downright offensive.

Being greeted “Welcome to Supershop” is nice. But please apply common sense.

Everyone likes some personal greeting.

But when many people enter your store at once, well, maybe you should tell your staff to apply with a bit of common sense… Unless you want your customers to consider your store experience as hysterical, loud and just plain annoying.

Hearing a dozen of  “Welcome to Supershop”, “Welcome to Supershop”,…, “Welcome to Supershop”,…, “Welcome to Supershop” randomly shouted from all corners of your store/restaurant by robot-sounding staff does not help your customers feel unique.
It makes them feel like they are very very average, and can really piss their ears off.

“Hello, Sir, can I help you?” If customer replies “Yes”, you better know your shit…

Perhaps the most common and utterly annoying thing store staff do, worldwide. Seriously, if I am asking you a question like “what is the difference between A & B?”, don’t ever expect to get away by reading to me what’s on A & B packaging, I can do that myself. 

Assumptions like “X is a good brand”, or this product is more expensive, are not very informative either.

In general, I’m asking for valuable input. Grandmas and 30 year old geeks don’t expect the same kind of information when in a computer store. If you don’t know it, don’t risk it.

Also, if you have to ask your colleague every time you don’t know an answer, then maybe it’s time to actually learn how to do your job. Get to know your product when there are no customers in store, instead of hiding in the fitting rooms to play Candy freakin’ Crush.

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