18 Artisan Food & Beverages Made In Singapore

Singapore is a small country, but it is a BIG nation when it comes to FOOD.
And when it comes to food, local is always better…
The last years have seen the birth of various food & beverages brands that produce locally. The mix of the many different cultural influences that ride through Singaporean palates produce new, innovative concoctions.
So I invite you to try the various products below!


Pistachios Nut Butter by The Hunters’ Kitchenette

Ramen Burgers from The Travelling C.O.W

Chili condiments by Mofo Chili

Organic, all-natural, dairy-free, preservatives-free popsicles from Popaganda

Tropical jams and condiments from GSH Conserves


Wholesome Granola from The Edible Company

More nuts, chocolates from Superlatives Foods


Tea from A.Muse project

Exotic fruit marmalade and jams from Straits Preserves

Cereals from Eastern Granola

Smoky Chilli by Two Rabbits’ Chilli

Beenut Butters from Second Helpings



Sodas from Citizen Pop

Juice Therapy by Hic Juice

Specialty coffee from Liberty Coffee

Great cacao from Cacaosians

Summer ale, Belgian Wit and more from Archipelago Brewery

Iguana Lager, India Pale Ale & more from Brewerkz

Have you tried these made in Singapore products yet?
Do you know other producers? Please share in the comments below!

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