The Top 10 Most Useful Mobile Apps For Singapore

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Comfort Del Gro Taxi

There is no way around this one. It’s good too. The blue “Comfort” and yellow “City” cabs are everywhere in town. This app makes booking a breeze: just enter your postcode / address, or let the app geo-locate you, enter your mobile phone number, and click ‘book’. You will usually get a confirmation under 2-3 minutes and a taxi at your door under 10 minutes except during peak hours, friday and saturday nights, and during big events. Tip: Reply to the automated call when your cab is reaching, as otherwise it might lead to a cancellation from the driver.
Probably not the funkiest app on this list, but once again, Changi Airport does an amazing job at getting things done. In this case, it’s simply about keeping you up-to-date with your flight information: terminal, departure time, gate, and everything related to airport shops and deals. And since there are so many holiday trips to go on in South East Asia, well, this app should come in handy!


Talking about travelling bug: how about finding the best rate before changing your dollars to a foreign currency? Get4X proposes to do just that, using a sort of reverse auction mechanism: key in the amount and currency you want to change from/into, and money changers across the island will compete for your business and quote you their best rates. Once you stroke a deal, you have between 1 and 2 hours to get to the changer;s counter and perform the actual transaction. I systematically got a better deal than advertised using this app.

It might be the most user-friendly and most definitely health conscious food ordering choice around, but knowing you can order food from Mc Donald’s from your smartphone and be delivered at anytime of the day or the night is something quite comforting. By the way, if anyone knows a McD executive who would be ready to sell one of those badass McDelivery backpack used by their drivers, I am willing to pay.
For more variety and healthy food options, download the FoodPanda app from the enormously successful copycat serial developper Rocket Internet (also owner of Zalora and Lazada). FoodPanda lets you conveniently pick from a large pool of restaurants in Singapore that can also deliver. Delivery times can be quite long but if you have planned to be lazy, it should more than do the job…

A Singaporean company that does not feel Singapore is too small of a market to make money with e-commerce… Their very clean interface makes it very pleasant to shop for your groceries and save you some heavy lifting in the Singapore heat.



This app for iPhone and its related website are great to find your way across the island. It is fast, gives you the option of choosing from different routes and tag some places. Using the postcode system that describes with a precision at the building scale, it really speeds up your finding. When I was using iPhone, I found the app more user-friendly that Google Maps, but hey, Google remains strong in terms of additional features, such as saving different maps, etc… Talking about it, click here to access my map of the Best spots to eat, drink, and party in Singapore.

The new kid on the block as they jokingly call themselves, GrabTaxi is set to grab a sizeable share from the local taxi booking business… Their app seems to process bookings faster than the latter, and the interface is fresher. Good to note, their MyTeksi app is also available in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. This company is all set to become acquired by Uber in a few years, and I am ready to bet that it will be the biggest acquisition for a South-East Asian startup…

This Singapore made app allows you to snap a shot of something you want to sell and post it on their store very quickly. Then potential buyers can like your item, and start chatting with you to arrange the deal. The process is fairly convenient overall and I must say, I have been pretty pleased by the sales so far!
Another Singaporean-born and raised app, Perx has set a high standard for mobile-based loyalty systems. The app lets you find the participating outlets around you (large variety already, and growing), and then the ugly QR codes will do the rest. Just open the app and flash the QR that will be handed to you / printed on your ticket, to collect a ‘chop’. I like the fact they have added some cool factors into the experience, by giving you a special reward from time to time or double your chops on a certain day without any reason, making it a less linear and less boring experience.

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