How My Mother Got Me To Eat, DIY Boursin & Baked Mushrooms

In France, holy land of gastronomy and specifically, cheese, we have some mainstream cheeses that we eat very regularly, and some that are of a more rustic, vintage, limited supply kind.

In the first category, you find the likes of camembert, brie, comte, roquefort, buche de chevre, and… Boursin: a soft creamy cheese from Normandy. It is available in a variety of flavours, with a texture somewhat similar to cream cheese. I could eat Boursin (or any salty cheese like St Moret and Kiri) as a side to almost any savoury dish!

How My Mother Got Me To Eat

As a toddler, I was one of those little assholes who would not eat anything and cry all the time because I was hungry. My parents testify that it was an absolute nightmare for my mum to feed me for years, until she realized I love Kiri and St Moret. As soon as she started to alternate one spoonful of meat/vegetables and one spoonful of Kiri, I could eat anything. My carrot was Kiri, so to say. I kept having Kiri at almost every meal as a side to almost any dish, for years. One time, we tried to calculate how much Kiri I had eaten, and it amounted in dozen of tons. No kidding.

Back to our subject of the day, Boursin is a delicious cheese, and my favorite flavour is the classic “Ail & Fines Herbes” (Garlic & Fine Herbs). Like most french cheese, Boursin costs a fortune in Singapore and not widely available, so I kind of forgot about it.

Recently, I discovered a great spice blend (Garlic & Onion from The Gourmet Collection) that I was adding to my grilled meats.

Old habits die hard, they say, and I found myself guilty again, stuffing my face with some side cheese (in this case, the well-known and rather generic Philadelphia).

One night though, the spiced chicken, associated with the Philadelphia tasted so good, that it caught my buds’ attention: somehow the taste of Boursin was in my mouth!

The Eureka Moment

I decided to stir some of my spice blend in the Philadelphia cheese and see what happens…
Eureka! The dehydrated garlic that makes the most of this spice blends perfumed the whole cream cheese and turned it into a decadent, flavourful Boursin-like spread…

How to
– Leave your Philadelphia cheese at room temperature until it is soft enough to be blended with a fork.
– Incorporate some spice blend in the box of Philadelphia and stir in evenly.
– Add more spice blend until you reach the desired garlic strength level.
– Leave in the fridge overnight for the flavour to develop completely.

Enjoy anytime!

Once you have this cheese, you can create a classic & delicious appetizer:

Baked Boursin Mushrooms

– Rub some large button mushrooms or portobello mushrooms with a dry towel to clean them (do not wash them, or the mushrooms will lose their crunch…)
– Cut the tails at the base of the hat so that your mushroom looks like a mini-cup.
– Fill the “shroom cups” with a spoonful of Boursin cheese or your Homemade replica 🙂
– Drizzle some olive oil on top and bake for 20 minutes in the oven over a sheet of aluminium paper.
– Decorate with some spring onion, ciboulette or parsley.

Chomp Chomp. Earthy, wholesome goodness to share with your guests. Enjoy!

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