How to simplify Wi-Fi access for your guests in 5 steps?

What is your Wi-Fi code?

This is a way too frequent question nowadays… Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous in developped countries now, and whether you are a guest at a restaurant, hotel, bar,… or hanging out at your friends place, sometimes you just wish connecting to the net was easier.

And sometimes, the provider does not have the code in mind, or he/she would have to spell the awkward and complicated password for you…

Now, there is a very simple way to help people connect to a Wi-Fi network: create a special QR code and let the requestor flash it!

Pretty cool right?
Not only this enables a self-service geeky feature in your premise/home, but it will also save you some time…

5 steps to make it happen

1 – Verify the exact name, password and security encryption type (WEP or WPA/WPA2 generally) of  the Wi-Fi network you want to create a simple access to.

2- Go to QRcode Monkey which will help you create any QR code you want. Besides simplifying access to your Wi-Fi, you can create one QR for your blog, one QR to help people capture your contact details (vCard), or to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

3- Click on the Wifi tab, and enter your Wifi network name, then password, and then select the type of security of your network (you can check this by right-clicking on your network in the taskbar and check the value in “Properties”)

4- Customize your QR with a special colour, put your preferred image in the center…

5- Click the green “Create QR code” button, and save the QR as a PNG image file.

Now, you can print your QR code and paste it in a notebook, on the wall of your meeting room, include it in your menu…
Enjoy the technology 🙂

NB: if your guest does not know what a QR code is, enlight him by recommending to download a simple reader such as QR Code reader for iPhone or QR droid for Android…

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