The 10 Most Important Websites For Living In Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you will most likely work in the tertiary / services sector, meaning you will spend a considerable time in front of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, because Singapore is a connected society:

So besides scrolling down the cultural desert of Facebook, Instagram or go-knows-what-social-networks-you-are-wasting-your-time-with, there are some websites out there than can be quite helpful to know more about Singapore politics, economy, culture, and some practical tools to make your life easier…


To me, there is no better itinerary website to find your way around the city-state. GoThere, with its clean and colourful interface, realises the prowess to beat Google Map hands down in terms of local user friendliness, with a twist.


2. The Straits Times

It might not be the craddle of independent journalism, but The Straits Times has always been, is and will probably remain the primary newspaper of Singapore.


3. City Nomads

This is my little favorite. CityNomads is a great ressource for anything cultural in Singapore, especially food and events. The guys behind this website have managed to remain independant and still provide mouth-watering reviews of many restaurants in the tiny red dot, whilst now creating a membership card giving you discount at selected venues.

4. Your Singapore

A more “official” reference for anything tourism-related in town (edited by the Singapore Tourism Board), Your Singapore is a good compilation of the city’s main attraction and major cultural happenings.


5. Channel News Asia

For a more regional look at the economic, political and cultural news, CNA is a reference. It also has a TV channel that is, to me, the most interesting within the free-to-air package, with regular news, debates, and reports on specific topics in and out of Singapore. It aims to be a serious source of information, and leverages a very US branding and programme formats to attract readers and viewers.


6. I-S Magazine Online

THE reference in the free cultural newspaper on print, I-S’s website is not bad either, proposing a deep dive into the main pillars of Singapore culture: food, shopping and the up and coming Singapore nightlife. The print version is really a delight though and manages to establish a direct connection than the online version still cannot replicate.


7. PropertyGuru

With a hot real estate market like Singapore, where condo flats list in the million dollars range, and tenancy agreement lasting no longer than 2 years, the search for property is, unfortunately, a too-common chore Singaporeans and foreigners have to go through.
Luckily, there are a few sites around that make this quest less painful, and Property Guru is among the very best.


8. LadyIronChef

This is a classic blog about food in Singapore, with many food lists, restaurant reviews and now travel articles. I liked it more with less advertisement though…

9. Lifestyle Asia

If you like the high-life and would like to enjoy Singapore on its luxurious side, Lifestyle Asia will provide you with a wealth of ressources and news about the fashion scene, select cocktail parties, and of course many inspirational article on how to look your best – if you can afford it.

10. Hardware Zone

Singaporeans are very keen on technology, and Hardware Zone is the bible for all things, well, hardware, as the name implies. So if you are a tad bit on the tech nerdy side, HZ will be your Alibaba cavern. It has got many forums as well, covering many subjects from pure tech advices and clinics to academic concerns, food and cars…

And there it is, a starter list for newcomers to the city state. It is of course non-exhaustive…
What are your favorite websites for Singapore? 

I would love to hear about your best finds in the comment section below!

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