Singapore Food Classics – Sarawak Kolo Mee

Ok, this one is not a typical singaporean food, as its name implies, since it originated in the Sarawak region, on Borneo island in Malaysia. However, it can be found in many noodles/soup stalls, and for this it could be considered a singapore classic.
I have had the chance to visit Sarawak in 2013, and it was very pleasant, yet I don’t think I tried the Kolo Mee there! A simple fact that emphasizes how much of a foodies’ nation Singapore is, where regional influences are easily integrated into the cultural patchwork that composes its local cuisine.

So this morning, I tried the Sarawak Kolo Mee for breakfast at the foodcourt near my office, and I was very pleased by this experiment. So what is it made of:
– Mee (instant noodles)
– char siew pork (sweet flavour bbq pork)
– fish cake slicevalue
– garlic
– minced pork
– breaded prok with chili sauce
– sping onions
– a sort of chips
– seasoning: palm oil (:(…), fish sauce, light soya sauce, salt, white pepper. I added some jalapenos on the side, but no sambal chili as I wanted to try without “killing” my fragile western taste buds with chili.

It was quite tasty! Juicy salty noodles and chicken, the various ingredients balance well each other, and make it rather playful to eat as you switch from one taste to another.

Overall, not a very nutritious meal as instant noodles are still the base of this dish, and there is almost no vegetable, except for colouring it green a little…But for S$ 3.50 with a bowl of broth, it is quite a good value for money.

I will definitely have some Sarawak Kolo Mee again soon in a different stall to compare with this one!

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