Singapore Food Classics – Yong Tau Fu

Yong Tau Fu is a staple of Singapore’s food courts that you have to try! It can also be one of the healthiest option out there, unless you over-indulge in sauces…

Basically, the customer chooses a minimum of 5 ingredients from a large selection of:

Selection of Yong Tau Fu ingredients

– leafy greens and vegetables: lettuce, kai lan, bak choy,…
– tofu variation: egg tofu, steamed tofu, pan fried, …
– dumplings
– fried chicken wrapped in seaweed,  hard-boiled eggs
– fish balls and slices, surimi
– mushrooms and other jelly-like algaes
– other vegetables: tomatoes, broccoli, …

You put your selection in a bowl and hand it to the cook, who will cook these ingredients by simply dipping them in a hot fragrant broth for a few minutes.

Then, you have a chocie of prepartation:
– simply enjoy the ingredients in the clear broth / soup
– add a luscious spicy curry/laksa gravy
– add noodles/rice for a more filling meal
– ask for the dry version for a spaghetti-like dish…

You can then splash some additional sweet sauce, chili, sprinkle some sesame seeds, pepper, spring onion, fried onions bits, and whatever topping made available to you, etc…

The more ingredients you use, the more expensive it will get, but generally speaking a Yong Tau Fu should not cost more than S$ 5. For lunch time, I warmly advise to choose the dry version! First, you might not want to have your face over a steam bath, while it’s already 30+ degrees outside and sweaty in your office clothes…Second, slurping noodles is a real pleasure but you and your shirt might not like the splash of an oily gravy…

Dry Tau Fu with noddles, yellow peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, sausage, tofu, sweet sauce, spring onions…

Enjoy Yong Tau Fu with friends along other classic Singapore foods!

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