Singapore Food Classics – Nasi Goreng Ayam

The Nasi Goreng is a classic among classic in Singapore, Malaysia, and pretty much all of South East Asia. Also called Chicken Fried Rice in non-malay influenced settings, it is a very simple, economical and delicious dish.
Although, it is meant as a full meal in one plate, might not be great meal for a low-carb diet, as you are mostly talking about starch here. However, it is the typical kind of comfort food that you will crave after a few days backpacking in the region and experimenting new tastes and textures that will be disturbing your palate, if not upsetting your stomach…

No-thrill chicken fried rice…

Rice is sauteed in a wok with more or less chunks of chicken, strips of omelette, bits of carrots, peas, peppers. Sometimes, especially in the most popular version of the dish, a heavy helping of chili will guarantee the tasting will be adrenaline-packed…

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