Irritating Things of Q1 2014

Since it is probably easier to write about things that are emotionally moving, in a good or bad way, I’ve decided to start a monthly post series in which I will express the facts and events, big or small, that upset me or please me.

1. The most cynical scam and organized theft of the last decade, open to public

Russia’s Putin and his friends steal 20 billion dollars from the people of Russia through construction contracts with inflated prices awarded to his friends. Not even able to light up the 5 olympic rings in a row. That would be laughable if poverty was not so rampant in the country.

2. Things redesigned by Philippe Starck

I totally hate monopolies and when it comes to design, the french man has it all: from glasses to exclusive residences and hotels to now, the contactless card for Paris metro station, the guy is everywhere. To the people that award tenders: have some balls and choose somebody else, it will probably be cheaper and you won’t risk a loosy ROI since the Starck label’s novelty will probably wear out since it’s everywhere now.

3. Glass dropped into rubish chute.

I mean, you can do it, but please put your glass item into a larger thrash bag. You might live on the 18th floor of the building but that does not grant you the right to give a heartattack to all residents living beneath you.

4. People that take the elevator to go down one storey.

Seriously, how lazy have you become?? One storey down a day (not even asking you to go up, would certainly help you burn that fat faster than your gym subscription, because you don’t really go, do you?).

5. Embarrassing dirty salesperson

Coming to your office without appointment to sell you a copier you don’t need. He is doing its job, that’s for sure, but would he not make a less disgusting impression by having the decency of drying his hand before he shakes yours?

6. Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn.

How can you trust someone you don’t even know? I am certainly trustworthy but we haven’t even met. We know one dude in common I have not seen for years. Please do not waste my time and tell me upfront why you want to connect with me. Make an effort, make me feel like that connecting with me is more intimate that standing a train station. 

7. Digital screen kills the paper star 

23 out of the 57 Chapitre bookstores are closing in France. I hope we can still find paper books in a few years…

8. People that lose a Boeing 777 passenger plane with 229 people inside.

Probably one of the most enigmatic disparation ever known. It is really crazy that, in 2014, pilots (or highjackers) could de-activate a plane’s communication means at their own will willingly or not… May these passengers Rest In Peace, and their families find peace…

9. People taking pictures with iPads at concert

As if taking grainy shitty smartphone pictures or filming the whole bloody concert were not enough, you are bringing you dare to blind and prevent people behind you to enjoy the concert with their own eyes. You should be banned from any live music event on a global scale.

10. The deliberated loss of measure in vocabulary, as long as the content is shared

This one is for all the bloggers and content creators out there: internet is so polluted by formulas such as “this teacher is a GENIUS…”, “this is the MOST INTERESTING thing you will read today”,  etc… that it can really gets disgusting surfing social media.

11. Poor turnout at local election (in France)

More than 90% of french people now distrust political parties. While this could be understandable if you look at the long slow decline of the country in the past decades, it is a bit crazy that people would become uninterested in what could be happening near them. My father has been a mayor for 30 years, and although a mayor has some power in influencing choices, he/she is definitely not all-mighty at this small level. It is more of a budget management exercise. It saddens me that people would rather let themselves be disgusted day after day watching the media, rather than roll back their sleeves and work on improving their lives at a local, manageable scale.

Because no life lived in this world could be totally black or white, I invite you to read what I thought were admirable things in Q1 2014!

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