Admirable Things of Q1 2014

Since it is probably easier to write about things that are emotionally moving, in a good or bad way, I’ve decided to start a monthly post series in which I will express the facts and events, big or small, that upset me or please me.

1. Singapore taxi driver with a phone charger for its customers

How thoughtful is that?! Not only did he had a multi-charger catering to any phone on the market, but your phone could lie down quietly on a non-slip piece while charging, and a little box of sweet was also there for the enjoyment. I wish I could have taken a picture, but, I had not battery… 

2. No explosion in Sotchi

Besides explosion of sport-related joy and tears, the Olympic Games were not damaged by terrorist attacks, which is a prowess in itself, given the amount of things that could be reproached to the russian government. 

3. A big renewal 

It seems like France and Germany are discussing the prospects of creating an industrial giant capable of improving sea-based wind turbine technology and market it on a large scale. After years of green washing and green hype, it seems like everyone is back at consuming petrol and carbon. 

4. The Right to Live…and Die

Belgium becomes the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia without any age limits. A courageous decision that offers people that wish to end up their lives in dignity a way to do so, after multiple precautions are taken. 

5. Growing means more than 0%

Figures released by french statistics institute INSEE show that the country’s economy grew by 0.0% and 0.3% in the third and fourth quarters of 2013 respectively… Wow, impressive (OK this is ironic…)

6. Woman power

Janet Yellen succeedes Ben Bernanke to become the 15th Chairperson of the Federal Reserve and become the first woman to hold the position… If this could mean chill on the global financial greed levels, it would be great. I doubt that the Wolf of Wall Street is discouraging young people to become the next alpha-carnivore of the financial markets.

7. Avoiding the NSA

Announced during the latest EU-Brazil summit in Brussels on Feb 24th, a submarine communication cable will be installed between Portugal and Brazil, which is a first step for the latin and latino-american region to be able to communicate without NSA’s eventual tapping… Tudo Bom!

8. R.R.I.P : Roaming Rest In Peace

The European parliament has just voted in first instance a group of laws to regulate the telecom market. Besides passing strong net neutrality laws, the text also crushes roaming by forcing telecom operators to offer the same rates for cross-border european calls and data consumption within the european union. A good news for customers, although the limits have not yet been decided…

And because no month spent living in this world could be totally white, I invite you to read what I thought were Irritating things in February 2014

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