Singapore Food Classics – Chicken Rice

The Singapore Chicken Rice is a legend in its own right and it is probably one of the few dishes that a newcomer, tourist has to try upon arrival…
It will also be a safe haven, when anything else seems foreign, a real comfort food for your tastebuds.

What possibly could be exciting in having chicken & rice?
It is an on-going debate, but it might have to do with the fact that, when properly made, the rice has been cooked in a fragrant, chicken-flavored, slightly herbal broth, making it delicious on its own.
The chicken will be served steamed or roasted, but will have conserved in its full juicyness. The true amateur will dip the chicken pieces in a chili/soy sauce mix, giving it a spicy pop.
The vegetables, served on the side, usually Kai Lan with Oyster sauce, will bring a satisfactory green goodness to complement this meety dish.

Ask any singaporean about where to find the best chicken rice, and you will realize how much locals love this staple hawker food, but also how much they value food in general, because they will certainly have their own opinions about where to go.

My go-to chicken rice place would be Wee Nam Kee, at Novena, which is more like a restaurant than a stall, but even without the hype and recommendation, I have to say I could really taste the difference.

What do you think of the singapore chicken rice?

Locals and residents, where is your favorite chicken rice place?

Please share in the comments section below!
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