Singapore Food Classics – Kaya set breakfast

There are not many things that are more singaporean that this breakfast set, served at all beverages stalls of singaporean foodcourts, but also constitutes the central piece of the menu at Toastbox and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, and Killiney Kopitiam, 3 well-established restaurant outlets…

It comprises in its basic form:
1 medium-sized coffee or tea
You can have a standard “kopi”, which in singapore is a coffee with condensed milk (very strong, very sweet and very milky). “kopi-C” is the same thing with a slightly evaporated milk, making the beverage slightly lighter and less creamy. “kopi-O” is a sweet black coffee. If you want less sugar, add “siew thai”: Kopi-O siew thai. 

2 soft-boiled eggs
A soft boiled egg can be quite an adventure for the faint-hearted. The egg is cooked for a short 2 minutes, so its protein-packed half has just turned white, and the yellow is very runny. Because this is pretty much like eating a raw egg, you will be strongly advised to add pepper and soy sauce like the locals do (I always add a dash of salt as well, if salt is available…). Then you will stir your eggs until it turns into what you see in the above picture. Although I put too much soy sauce in that one, it will almost always look damn ugly, but past the initial bewilderment, you will probably love the jelly-like texture and the addictive goodness of eggs in the morning. Watch out for cholesterol though, as 5-7 eggs per week should be your maximum… 

2 kaya toast
Kaya is a long-standing favourite ingredients, an eggy (yes, as well) coconut jam with pandan leaf juice, spread on toasted pieces of white bread. It is very fragrant, quite fatty and delicious. Unless you ask “kaya only”, you will also be treated by a 1/3-of-an-inch thick brick of fresh butter in your toast, thus exploding your fat counter for the day.

Morning love from your Kaya toasts

It is simple, tasty and cheap at SGD$ 2.5 and 4, which is highly competitive in this expensive city.
And… you are now eating like a local.

Other variation replace the kaya toast with peanut butter, chicken or pork floss, ham & cheese, french toast, etc…

It is definitely one of my favourite foods in Singapore, having it at least twice a week!
Other must-try singapore classics are the chicken rice, the mee rebus, satay, nasi goreng…

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