7 Irritating Things with Technology in 2013

1. Blog posts that teach the 10 things to do to be happy / successful / productive…
Admit it, you probably clicked on this post for its shocking title and the promise of quick and striking facts, as easy to swallow as a cheeseburger on a drunken Sunday morning. Using numbers in post titles acts as a measure gauge for readers to let them feel like they are in control of their time (10 facts to read can’t be that long…), while they are just going to waste it.
In 95% of cases, you will only find poor, plagiarised “pret-a-penser”content that is so obvious, that it even ends up sounding authentic and truthful…
Well, it is true that it does work wonders as a blogging strategy in order to increase traffic to a post. It does however lead to avalanches of posts that do not generate anything valuable, except visibility for its author… The love of clicks and followers does not help bring quality to the web… And since I willingly used that trick for that post, I apologize and really hope you still find this whole post relevant 😉

2. Cyborgs 1.0, i.e smartphone addicts

I am one of them, and you probably are one of them too. Mobile phones certainly are awesome tools, but come on, don’t you find it scary when you are people watching? It looks like the phone is commanding to their souls, with an invisible chain between eyes and screens. Heads tilt down like lost and pitiful creatures. Smartphones are great personal entertainment in public transport, but this time could also be used to zone out and deeply think, observe and even connect with strangers, which I don’t think many people do enough of.
It is probably important to set up rituals of disconnection, otherwise, as our attention gets attracted by media and screens, like butterflies to lights, we are certainly drifting away from human interactions.

3. Candy crush

This smartphone game on its own deserves a medal for the most childish, yet evil, addictive time waster out there. As a bonus, it also sucks up more battery than your charging cable can deliver… No kidding. Your phone might switch itself off with no more juice, even with the charger connected…

I would be keen to know how much money this game costs to the global economy. Very good virality work overall, and excellent game design. I completely hate it for the time I spend playing it, instead of being productive. I’m on level 103, and you? :@

4. Narcissistic personal branding
On the individual level, the growing need to differentiate oneself from another in the global business rat race has led many personal branding maniacs to supercharge their profile headlines on LinkedIn. Many do not hesitate to proclaim their own grand selves with humble qualifiers such as “visionary entrepreneur”, “change agent”, “problem solver”, “thought leader” and my favourite: “evangelist” (most often, of their own greatness). You can spot some supercombo self-description that aggregate all these keywords in one action packed line. Guys, it’s OK to be confident, but you have probably slipped to the dark side by bragging so much.

5. Tech superstars obsessive adoration 

In the post Steve Jobs era (whom is to be thanked for its heavy and long-lasting contribution to the point 2 above), people do not seem to want to turn the page of the technologists’ adoration.
Last week’s revealing of Elon Musk’s hyperloop plans, was in itself a brilliant case study of unrefrained, anticipated elogy with all technology writers rivalling in their use of the most trending adorational buzzwords: “bold”, “genius”.
We could not get enough of Marissa Mayer either, who is turning up in tech news feed nearly everyday since she is running Yahoo!

6. Hardcore Apple Fanboyism

Apple has recently released the designs of its new operating systems. See below. It looks like a 5-year old chose colours and draw the icons, but some people had already decided they were going to love it anyway.
I’m not kidding, some people actually find this “clean” and brilliant. Seriously?

7.  There will be no point 7, because I have no more inspiration
And you already clicked, so I reached my objective. Irritating, right?

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