The Ultimate Digital Toolbox: 10 Awesome Software & Apps To Use Everyday

Wunderlist: To Do List application for web & mobile: as simple as it can be, create items, highlight some of them and create further lists and subtasks to go a bit more in depth. Of course, you can share these list with your friends, print them, etc…
Evernote: Perfect to collect ideas from the web and organize them neatly in notebooks to share with friends, customers…You can identify and sort every note with tags, record sounds and videos. Of course, there is a mobile app that will let you capture and edit from everywhere…

Intuitive mind-mapping. A great way to list down ideas and to try to make sense of the profusion of them is to organize them with a mindmap. XMind is an awesome, free, software help you create topics, connect them together and highlight their importance with a good selection of visual markers…

Pocket: Previously known as Read It Later, Pocket makes it easy to add web articles to your personal reading list, and synchronizes it for reading these articles later on your PC/MAC and on your smartphones  Like bookmarks, but much better (read offline, favorite, archive)
Do you want to put the internet to work for you, and not the other way around? IFTTT has a start of an answer. IFTTT stands for If This Then That, a developer’s way to say that you can program conditional actions to be performed automatically when they are triggered by a specified event. You can create “recipes” such as post a video to my blogger blog whenever I favorite a video on YouTube; send email to mom whenever I tag an article in Pocket with the tag “food”; add the attachments to any email to my Dropbox, etc… With an ever growing number of “channels” you can trigger, the variety of personal combination you can create is almost endless.
Does your email inbox looks like your messed up room as a teenager? Well, mine did, until I fell in love with It acts like a maid helping you with that virtual housekeeping. It will detect all the subscription type emails that flood to your inbox and propose you to choose from 3 option for each subscription: unsubscribe, “roll up” into one email, or keep in inbox. Simple, and it works: as of today, this service helped me unsubscribe to 280 irrelevant newsletters and subscription, compile 223 more subscriptions into a daily rollup email (each email typically contains a dozen snippets of these subscriptions) and keep 50 in inbox only.
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own app or website but feel blocked because you don’t know how to draw or use any drawing tool? Then, you feel the same way I do before I discovered Mockflow. It is a web-based wireframing tool that will help you create mockups of what you want your app or website to look like, and it is pretty damn good. Simple, with many standard components that you can drag from a library and drop to your project. You can change colours, fonts, and of course texts. You can duplicate pages to save time. I am really hoping this tool will help me craft some great mockups and kickstart projects faster than ever.
Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow?
Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen? During the day, computer screens look good—they’re designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the sun.
F.lux fixes your computer screen lighting so that he does not prevent you from having a good night sleep. Awesome.
Controlling, or at least being able to understand where and how much you spend is an interesting topic. Many mobile application propose to log in, and I have tried many, but not any succeeds at making it simple, useful and customized as Toshl. Just set up tags for your spending categories, “flat”, “sport”, “lunches”, “leisure”, and then quickly key in every expense on a daily basis. After a few weeks, you will quickly get a great view of where your mouth is… Better, even, the ability to set budgets against certain categories, so that you can watch your spending in anytime!
Do you text to much? Do you have big, slow fingers unfit for high speed texting? MightyText can help you by enabling you to write and send your texts from your laptop/computer without touching your phone! It’s quite amazing to be able to do that, it saves a lot of time. The Scheduler feature looks promising too, I can see many applications: never forget to wish happy birthday, remind people certain things at certain date and times, etc…

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