Lovely ghost

As I emerged from a short and sleepy flight,
Numbed in damp sheets and feverish thoughts,
A suave form revealed its glow, devilishly bright.
Ticklish waves soon flowed in, rushes of sorts,
That recalled past days of thunder striking awe.
Every time I see you I am paralyzed
With a tightly knit throat, I aspire
To a smooth ascent, my cold paradise
Condenses vapours of you, I perspire.
True that you could not be further away,
Though I feel we are closer than ever.
I want to be in your reach, and your prey,
Be devoured by feelings that never sever.
I am locked in a subtle jail of anticipated feelings,
Your words are visits that make me escape.
I do not really know you, and sadly that may last,
You wrapped me in your wide and soft cape.
I do not really know you, lovely ghost of the past.

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